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That Voice.

Meet Rochelle of ROcordings

Selected as Fiverr's "Rising Talent" in the voice-over category in June 2020, Rochelle is that voice many are looking for, but have yet to find. That changes now.

From commercial voiceovers to animated television series, promotional materials and audiobook voiceovers - Rochelle has done it all. Now, let's get ROcording!

At "Summer Memories" we pride ourselves on our authenticity and rely on our actors to be naturally kind & funny, and honest in every choice they make. Rochelle was just that, and we ended up casting her as a very pivotal character on our show, among a few others. She has a wonderful, natural voice and was a pleasure to work with, earning herself a role in our core cast.

Adam Yaniv,

Working with Rochelle is always a treat. She comes focused and full of energy, committed to get the best result. After our first session in the studio I started recommending her to other projects as I know I can count on her to deliver a clean and professional take when I need it!

Ori Kadishay
Studio Manager, Mazkeka

I'm so glad I found Rochelle! The project we worked on together was one of the most viral videos the IDF has ever produced, and when we needed her last-minute, she was extremely professional, helpful, and a pleasure to work with. I definitely recommend Rochelle to anyone who needs a great woman's voiceover.

Rachel Lester
Creative Director, IDF

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